No BS with Nordin ep 132 Healing injuries

May 21, 2018

The different phases of healing up an injury, the different kinds of injury, why they happen and how to fix them.

No BS with Nordin ep 131 Food when you are sick

May 19, 2018

How to manage your diet when you’re sick

No bs with Nordin ep 130 Caffeine

May 17, 2018

Caffeine, coffee & preworkout; how to get a kick, how to get the kick back, how much and benefits of caffeine consumption plus why you shouldn’t drink it all day long.

No BS with Nordin ep 129 ABS

May 16, 2018

20 tips for lean abs

No BS with Nordin ep 128 Science

May 15, 2018

Let’s talk science. What do the latest studies say about cardio, muscle and beer? Listen to find out about that and Much more!

No BS with Nordin ep 127 Top Fat Loss Foods

May 14, 2018

My best foods for fat loss and the fighterdiet heaven in a bowl original recipe! Make sure you subscribe to no BS with Nordin on youtube too!

No BS with Nordin ep 126 Grains

May 11, 2018

Quinoa and oat bran plus more thoughts on grains in general

No BS with Nordin ep 125 Common Fat Loss Mistakes

May 9, 2018

My top 13 fat loss mistakes and why they are mistakes! Do you like my podcast? Please submit your review on itunes (NO BS WITH NORDIN) and subscribe to my youtube channel 



No BS with Nordin ep 124 Pep Talk

May 8, 2018

How to motivate yourself continuously in regards to bodybuilding and healthy eating

No BS with Nordin ep 123 nutrition timing

May 7, 2018

Nutrition strategies depending on when you work out: early am or late at night? When to eat is what today's topic about.